Welcome To Kinns Bespoke Service

As a furniture company, we always want our customers to be happy and in control of their purchases. We wanted to add an extra service which no other company offers and we offer free consultation and advice to a customer to really make their piece exclusive. We offer full privacy to our clients. Who are they, what they want, what they have. We do not disclose bespoke pieces manufactured by us unless we have clients permission. We really offer exclusivity to our clients. Providing our service to many high profile clients around the globe. We have and really value those relationships.

If you want to send your furniture to us for it to be customized with designer material, we can offer this service step by step and make the process really easy with our inhouse interior consultants. If you like piece of furniture from our website which we sell but you want to add your own identity too, maybe upholstered in designer in certain areas or a material you may want to provide. We can offer this service to you. Fabric selections. Pictures & options of designer fabric and plush velvet fabrics are available. We have a fast turn around of materials. The interior consultant at point of enquiry will show you materials available at the time and guide you through the whole process.

This is our most favourable bespoke service. We always have customers who have seen a sofa they may have fallen in love with, or like the design and want to put their own mark on the furniture but can never find a company to make it with love and real craftsmanship to make their dream a reality in their home. We really make our customers dreams come true by having a consultation and making like for like of what they want or to shake it up abit and really give it some edge. If you have any enquiries about our bespoke service and would like a consultation or even would just like a casual chat please get in contact with us at and one our team will be in touch within 24 hours. Kinns Interiors